Discover How 2565+ Women Have Taken Back Control Of Their Lives, Rediscovered Their CONFIDENCE And Become The Fun, Outgoing Mums They Always Wanted To Be
We Have Limited Spaces Inside TRINITY And We Are Looking For FAST Action Takers!
TRINITY is designed specifically for women who want to Lose Weight, feel more confident, boost their self esteem and take back control of their lives.
  •  Discover the blueprint and system used by 2500+ women to take back control of their lives, rediscover their confidence and finally lose that stubborn baby weight through a unique process known as TRINITY
  •  Finally end the cycle of yo-yo dieting so you can shrink your waist, start loving your life again and feel confident wearing anything you like
  • Experience dramatic transformation to your eating habits, workout routine, energy levels, relationships and family life guided by our expert TRINITY coaching team
  •  And much, much more...
TRINITY Includes:
Your Customised 90-Day Road Map to make your goals a reality so you can feel happier and more outgoing in a PRACTICAL and ACHIEVABLE way
Become The Best Version Of Yourself Your experience inside TRINITY is built on 2500+ case studies and three years of proving and perfecting our methods
One-on-One Personal Coaching & Guidance through every step of your journey to eliminate the confusion and turn your custom action plan into real life results
Access To The Members-Only Community so you're no longer struggling alone or feeling like people are judging you for your newfound healthy & positive lifestyle
84 Classes On The Science Of TRINITY Discover the keys to taking back control of your life and see your confidence and self esteem skyrocket
Everything You Need For Dramatic Results Including... family friendly recipes, powerful daily mindset rituals, fat burning workouts and much more
It Happened Again, Didn’t It?
You’re stuck and unable to lose weight no-matter how hard you try…

Squeezing yourself into trousers that are too small, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and not having the energy to play with your kids (despite them being AMAZING)

Everyone’s situation is different but the same thing always seem to happen when it comes to “dieting”:
“Constantly hungry, Tons of boring cardio, Stubborn body fat, Unsatisfying meals, Bad food cravings, Weight not changing, Constantly tired and exhausted, Feeling soft and flabby…”
^^ Not exactly what you signed up for when you started this whole “weight loss” thing, right?

So what does this have to do with YOU finally losing weight and taking back CONTROL of your life?

I’m going to show you, but first…
I’ve Got A Quick Question For You:
What if you could SHRINK YOUR WAIST and take back control of your life so you could feel confident wearing anything you like and stop feeling like people are judging you?

What if you could LOSE FAT and start wearing fitted clothes again without sacrificing any of your favourite foods or your social life?

What if you could feel HAPPIER and more CONFIDENT… and lose that stubborn weight off your belly, hips and thighs so you’re no longer terrified by the idea of wearing bikinis or tight-fitting clothes?

Why Are You Still Fed Up and Frustrated…
Wondering If Any Of The Fad Diets Promoted By Impossibly Skinny Women and Celebs In Magazines Actually Work?
Let’s be honest… this isn’t the first time you’ve been looking to lose weight and tone up… is it?

You’ve tried everything

Yet your back in the same position…

You’re fed up.

Fed up of being too tired and out of breath to play with your kids… instead of being the fun, outgoing Mum you always wanted to be!

Sick of feeling “past your best” and frantically de-tagging yourself from unflattering photos on Facebook… terrified you’ll never get back into your “nice clothes” or love the body you see in the mirror again

Pissed off that all your friends and family don’t believe in you any more (and probably call you “lazy” behind your back) when you know you’ve tried your hardest.

You’re a great person

You deserve to be living and loving life

Yet you’re sat there feeling completely stuck...

Watching The Great British Bake Off, demolishing a “Family Sized” bag of Maltesers to cover up the fact that your weight is creeping up with no sign of stopping...
When Is It Your Turn To Finally See Some Real Results In The Mirror?
I promise you, that the moment you figure out how simple it really is… everything will change for you.

We’ve helped over 2565 women just like you who had completely lost hope

To get their body and their life back on track, regain that lost confidence and stick two fingers up to the doubters and “non-believers”

...and it was much simpler than they ever thought possible!

But here’s the thing…

Although I can show you the way

The decision to change is ultimately yours

And if you decide to keep on doing what you have been doing

I’ll have you consider what’s at stake…
What’s going to happen with your marriage?
  •  Will another woman swoop in and take your husband while your body confidence continues to decline?
  •  Will you drift apart from your other half as you lose that spark and excitement for life that you once had?
What’s going to happen with your kids?
  •  Is your daughter going to eat junk food to cover up her problems because she sees you stuffing your face with chocolate on the sofa every night?
  •  Is your son going to get into bad habits with exercise because you’re setting the example that Mum is always too exhausted to keep up with him?
The reality is this…

You are at a place right now where the action you decide to take will not only shape your life, but the lives of those you care about

(and I’d say that’s a pretty good position to be in!)

So let me ask you…
  •  Are you committed to taking back control of your life?
  •  Are you committed to your husband?
  •  Are you committed to your family?
  •  Are you committed to you?

If not?

Don’t even bother reading the rest of this page - I’ll save you the time right now because if you’re not committed it will not work.

But if you are committed?

I’m confident we have the tools to get you where you want to go. Now.

How can I say that with so much confidence?

It would be easy for me to say “because we’ve proven our methods over 2565 committed women just like you”...

But don’t just take my word for it, have a look at some of their results for yourself...
Let Me Show You Some Of Our Results:
Hear What Our Members Are Saying About TRINITY
"I was starting to feel the flappy arms... a bit jowly around the jaw - like an old lady. I knew I had to do something different. Seeing my skin changing, seeing my muscle tone... I feel more than 10 years younger!" -Angela Wallace
"I am your classic yo-yo dieter. This has helped me know what to eat but still eat the things I like - it's really worked for me!" -Allison Booth
"My Husband Said That He’s Got His Wife Back"
“When I started I was a very tight 12 (who am I kidding I was a size 14). I weighed 10st 4lbs which on a 5ft frame was horrendous. It’s the biggest and heaviest I’ve been since having children and it was soul destroying to feel and look so uncomfortable.

Mentally I feel like a different person it’s not just the weight lost or the inches that disappear that gives you that boost it’s the confidence Trinity gives you or rather teaches you in food and life choices.

My husband has said that he’s got his wife back the woman who loved life and lived life and it’s Trinity who helped me to be that person again so thank you.”
– Tracy
"I Have Become A Better Mum"
"After struggling for so long wanting to lose weight and trying and failing at every hurdle, I initially joined trinity to lose weight. My life is predominately to my children and work, this was something for myself to call my own and in all honesty I thought I'd give this up as well.

I have quickly learned this journey is one I'll be on for the rest of my life, Trinity has shown me and taught me to not fear food and that I can treat myself and that I am not cheating.

Trinity has given me the tools to take control of my food, time, mindset and emotions in my life - it all just fits into your daily life.

I have become a better mum, I no longer have my low days and I am more tuned into my children and have so much more energy to do all the things I need to do in a day."
– Katie
"I’m Getting Loads Of Compliments"
"I was a size 16, with no energy and really unhappy with how I looked and felt. I wasn’t eating right but didn’t know how to change it.

Now I’m getting loads of compliments about how I’ve slimmed down and have loads more energy.

I feel much more confident in terms of eating the right stuff most of the time whilst still enjoying food and having treats most days. I’ve lost 12.5 inches across my waist, hips, biceps and thighs and toned up all over. I feel great!"
– Juliet
So What Was The Secret To These Sudden Miraculous Transformations?
Well it’s actually the OPPOSITE of what most people think

It all comes down to one SIMPLE thing

…and one thing ONLY

There was no “magic formula”... all they needed to do was stick to the BASICS and do them consistently:
  • Eat the right amount of food each day
  •  Exercise 3-4 times per week
  •  Focus on mindset to stay motivated
…and once these ladies figured that out they finally got the results they deserved.

^^ It really was that simple!

But for years they’d followed the “mainstream” weight loss advice:
  • Just eat “slimming” foods like salads and stir fries
  • Cardio & classes are the key to burning fat
  • Stay away from the weights, they’ll make you manly
  • Cut out the carbs, they’ll make you fat
  • It’s only about the number on the scales
But they never saw any permanent change to their body or lifestyle because they were never taught how to stay consistent

Nobody in the fitness industry is even teaching this (not even personal trainers!)

And that’s why so many women are stuck and unable to lose weight.

You see…
Consistency Requires Three Things:
  • ACTION PLANS - Simple, step-by-step instructions to get you to your goal
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Support, guidance and “tough love” to keep you on track
  • ACADEMY - Knowledge, skillsets and mindsets to set you up for success long term
^^ Once we started teaching this to our clients they finally got the results they deserved.

For years they had been told that losing weight was a case of following an extreme approach and just “getting on with it”

Making their lives hell by starving themselves, spending hours on the treadmill and giving up their favourite foods

But once they figured out that wasn’t true, they were able to break break free from the shackles of endless dieting and finally get the results they deserved.

You see, the real problem is the “dieting” industry…

They’re determined to keep women like you coming back for more… yo-yo-ing from diet to diet, blowing hundreds of pounds on slimming club memberships, celeb workout DVDs, tubs of “magic” powder and fancy detox drinks.

In short… they don’t want you to learn how to stay consistent…

Because then you wouldn’t keep putting the weight back on and coming back for more!
But Once You Realise It’s All A Scam...
That’s when you can really start shrinking your waist fast!
Just Imagine Being Able To…
  •  Feel SEXY and CONFIDENT when you’re out on dates with your other half (...don’t blame us when you get sick of all those compliments)
  •  Walk through your workplace feeling PROUD of yourself and get more RESPECT from your colleagues
  •  Go shopping for clothes and look INCREDIBLE in everything you try on (as well as slipping into a smaller size!)
  •  Look forward to strutting about in a bikini on your next holiday and feel 10 years younger
^^ We wanted to help women like YOU to get those type of results. That’s why we created TRINITY.
TRINITY Is The #1 Training System For Women Who Are: 
  •  Committed to becoming the best version of themselves
  •  Committed to living life to the fullest
  •  Committed to feeling confident and in control
We have trained more than 2500 women over the past 4 years, invested tens of thousands in courses, studied countless of books and articles and consulted with industry experts to create the best system we possibly could.

It was totally worth it.

We wanted to take all the confusion and uncertainty out of transforming your body confidence and make it much easier and less stressful… what would usually take most people years of trying and failing can be achieved in as little as 90 days...

Click below to join TRINITY while there are still spaces available:
100% Money-Back Guarantee
If you join now, the price you pay will never go up.

You can cancel any time you like too.

In fact, here’s our “Results Proof” guarantee that takes out all of the risk involved.

We’re so confident that what we teach you in TRINITY will give you the results that you’ve always wanted that we’ll put our money where out mouth is:

“If after 90-Days, you have checked in with us every week and you haven’t dropped a dress size, lost inches, seen your weight go down, noticed changes in the mirror, just send us an email and we will refund you EVERY SINGLE PENNY – no questions asked and no hassle”

Read that again.

We're taking the risk here.

But here’s the thing:

If you don’t think that the potential to finally lose that stubborn weight for good (and understand exactly how you did it and continue doing it) is worth this modest investment — we don’t want your money.
With TRINITY, You Can:
  •  Finally discover the secret to breaking the cycle of binging and yo-yo dieting… you won’t believe just how easily you can get head turning results which won't disappear into thin air when you take a week off to go on holiday
  •  Lose fat while eating almost whatever you like… I’m serious right now – with our proven “flexible eating” plan you can enjoy all your favourite foods guilt-free and still see your waist shrinking in the mirror.
  •  Avoid the lies in the “dieting” industry which are stopping you from losing body fat… We tell you exactly what you need to do to eliminate the confusion and ensure you are always making progress towards that “dream body”
  •  Feel sexier and more confident in just 90 days so you’re no longer terrified by the idea of wearing those figure hugging dresses or revealing bikinis (in fact, you might even look forward to it)
  •  Sit back and watch the fat melting off in the mirror while you eat more food (not less) – with this scientifically proven approach, you won’t believe the amount of food you can eat whilst still burning that stubborn belly fat
  •  Avoid the #1 worst mistake you can make when trying to lose weight… even if you do everything else ‘right’, you won’t lose a pound of fat if you make this common mistake which nobody ever talks about)
  •  Boost your metabolism from day one with empowering weight training so you can lose that stubborn body fat once and for all… instead of ending up a sweaty mess but not seeing any results in the mirror
  •  Shrink your waist without becoming a slave to your “diet plan”… we don’t do things so you won’t become the “boring one who never has fun anymore” (according to your friends and family)
  •  Learn the secret to losing body fat and how to do it consistently so you’ll never have to drag yourself down to your local slimming club and experience the humiliation of being weighed (in front of a room full of women who are secretly hoping you weigh more than them)
And that’s just for starters…

Because I’m guessing you’ve been made these promises before.

...Don’t Just Take My Word For It!
Check Out Some Of Our Success Stories:
"This Has Been Life-Changing"
“Over the past 90 days I have learned that eating is so important for refuelling. I learnt to trust the weight programme and to enjoy exercise again. I learnt that my body actually can be strong! Something I never ever thought would be possible.

I feel strong. Toned. Sexy and confident. I even have abs forming!!

To someone thinking of joining I would say do it!! It’s the best thing I have ever done. Having been miserable and depressed about my body for 20 years this has been life changing!"
– Naomi
"I Feel So Much More Comfortable In My Skin"
I feel so much more comfortable in myself and in my skin having lost almost two dress sizes and starting to really rebuild my muscle strength.

Approximately 10.7 inches lost even with the middle month completely off program. Feel much stronger and more energised.
– Frida
"Now I Am As Young On The Outside As I Feel On The Inside"
"I was very fit in my 30s & 40s but a mixture of circumstances, menopause, divorce, new job and doing a degree in my 50s meant I stopped exercising. My weight started creeping up. On my 59th birthday I decided I had to do something before I became an fat old lady on the outside, which did not match with how I felt inside

Trinity has changed my life. I feel far more confidant, and love my new body shape. I am looking forward to our holiday this year – shorts and swimming cosies are being bought ready – may even be brave in a bikini! 

My weight is where I want it to be – I have lost inches but it’s the tone in my muscles and skin that I am most delighted with.

Now I am as young on the outside as I feel on the inside.
– Angela
So TRINITY Lets You Take Back Control Of Your Food And Life Choices
It Gives You The Power You Need To Turn Your Desire To Change Into Action... And To Get Life-Changing Results
But that being said…

Let’s reiterate who this is for

…And who we have no desire to reveal our TRINITY system to:

It’s for strong independent women who are hungry for results…

...who aren’t just looking for someone to baby them and hold their hand through the who whole process

We're after the lionesses who are ready to take action and follow the fat-burning secrets we share in our private members area.

Not the delicate little snowflakes who are looking for a magic pill to get them in shape without putting in the effort.
So Let's Wrap This Up...
If it’s a trust thing that’s holding you back…

Rather than an “are you prepared to put in the work” thing

We’ve got you covered with our “Results Proof” Guarantee:

“If after 90-Days, you have checked in every week and you haven’t dropped a dress size, lost inches, seen your weight go down, noticed changes in the mirror or you simply don’t think we delivered on what we have promised, just send us an email and we will refund you EVERY SINGLE PENNY – no questions asked and no hassle”

But you must act now because we only have a limited number of spaces available and once they’re gone, you’ll have to wait for a space to become available in the future

Just imagine what life would be like when you wake up full of energy every morning excited to be the fun and outgoing mother you've always wanted to be for your kids

Just imagine when you can be proud of who you are and feel sexy and confident in everything you wear without having to worry about what you're eating 24/7

So click the button below right now and you’ll be taken to our secure order form. 

After you put in your credit card information you’ll be sent your first assignment so we can get to work putting together your action plan right away.
Click Below To Join TRINITY While There Are Still Spaces Available
Here's What To Do Next
From here it's just finalising the details. Click on the button above, pick what membership level you want to be on, and we can finally get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the training video and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Ben Hughes & Rob Birkhead
Founders of TRINITY
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