overcome ALL of the mental barriers holding you back so you can Unlock Your Full potential, stop Self-Sabotaging, start believing in yourself, discover new levels of self-confidence and become unstoppable!
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Place your £200 deposit today to apply, then pay the remaining balance of £797 (or 3 x £199) if accepted.
A world class one to one coaching experience designed specifically for women who are ready to unlock their true potential, stop struggling and truly take back control of their lives... so they can avoid slipping back into old habits ever again
Discover what mental barriers are holding you back from your true potential by pushing yourself to your limits mentally, physically and emotionally in a safe environment... then clarify the steps needed to overcome your sticking points and create the life and the results that you desire
Learn the art and science of transforming your body and your life through 20+ hours of intense coaching with Rob & Ben, we'll reveal for the first time EVER our most powerful methods for complete lifestyle transformation
Unlock your true potential and say hello to the BEST version of yourself through an all-inclusive training experience unlike anything you have ever experienced (at New Hall luxury hotel and spa) - you will leave feeling more confident, powerful and motivated than EVER.
VALUE: £400
Learn The Art & Science Of TRINITY
In this first phase, we will reveal the closely guarded science behind our TRINITY system. Through a series of never-before-released training modules you will be guided through the hidden science of creating your own personalised action plans to shrink your waist, tone up and continue to see results in the mirror.

By the time you complete these 6 modules, you will for the first time ever, be armed with the knowledge you need to make any fitness goal you desire a reality.

Outcome: Full understanding of the inner workings of the TRINITY system and the knowledge required to go it alone
VALUE: £800
Overcome Your Sticking Points
For 16 weeks (4 before and 12 after) around UNSTOPPABLE breakthrough experience you will experience in-depth video stream coaching from TRINITY head coaches Rob & Ben to break through your sticking points and customise the information learned in Phase 1 so you can implement it directly into your own life.

Each week, you will receive face-to-face hard hitting coaching sessions unlike anything you have experienced in the past - weekly assignments will ensure you are up to speed with all the content before attending the final event to ensure you see the best possible results.

Outcome: Integration of the Phase 1 principles into your own life and a complete understanding of all 6 modules
VALUE: £1000
Transform Your Lifestyle & Your Mindset
Now that we have handled the two initial learning phases, it's time to dive in to the pressure of a live environment designed to test everything you have learned in the 4 weeks prior to the event to make sure you are well and truly ready to go it alone after completing UNSTOPPABLE.

UNSTOPPABLE Will be the hardest and most liberating 2 days you have ever experienced. Through intense physical challenges, tough conversations and bonding with 7 other women who have completed phases 1 and 2 of the process, you will awaken the most powerful version of yourself ever.

Outcome: Full integration of the principles to become truly Unstoppable
At 800 years old, New Hall Hotel, Sutton Coldfield has a long history of offering exceptional hospitality to discerning guests. This 60-bedroom, four star hotel is widely held to be the most desirable wedding venue in the Birmingham area.

This will come as no surprise once you have seen for yourself its 26 acres of richly timbered land, thick pasture and elegant gardens, not to mention the interiors.

You will be well looked after during your stay and all accommodation and food will be taken care of by us and our teams so that you can focus on getting the most from the event.

You will also have access to luxurious spa facilities, fitness suite and the beautiful grounds and gardens.
If You’re Reading This Page...
I know a few things about you

You’re a woman who is committed

You’ve been living what we teach inside TRINITY at some level

and you’ve made significant changes to the way you live your life

...but there still may be this sense that something is missing...

You may have already been able to see great results in the mirror or at least make some progress towards that "dream body" by following what we teach inside TRINITY

But you're left with a question:
"What Happens When TRINITY Ends?"
^^ This can be a TERRIFYING prospect

Especially if you've been a "yo-yo dieter" in the past... losing the weight time and time again only to put it all back on again!

and if you do what you've always done once the "diet" is over

What's to say that won't happen this time too?

leaving you feeling fed up and frustrated yet again

despite putting in LOADS of effort

But do you know what?

Not being able to maintain your results long term is a common problem across the board for anyone trying to get in shape...

Women who have completed TRINITY

Even me and Rob when we first got into fitness, cluelessly following workouts in Men’s Health not knowing whether what we were doing was actually working

So we kinda get it.

But the question remains...
WHY Does This Happen To So Many People?
Well any transformation comes down to 3 key things:


Unlike traditional diets, we focus on these three things inside TRINITY… and it works!

But the problem is that long term... the knowledge, skillsets and mindsets required to maintain your results are DIFFERENT to those needed to see results to begin with.

Makes sense, right?

And this is why, deep down, you still don’t feel confident that you could do this on your own.

What you have achieved already is AMAZING!

Getting in shape using sustainable methods is a massive mountain to climb.

If you repeat the process we have laid out with TRINITY for long enough, you will get the result.

But here's the thing...

Staying In Shape Is NOT The Same As Getting In Shape
It’s a whole NEW obstacle

that requires different knowledge, skillsets and mindsets to overcome.

Yet most people don’t realise this...

and without the knowledge, mindsets and skillsets to go it alone?

The only outcome is to come crashing down into the same pit you always have - to undo all your hard work and have the whole mountain to climb again.

But there is another way…

A way to:

- Feel more motivated than ever before
- Stay self accountable
- Understand how to manage your own nutrition
- Know how to take control of your own training

... and to ultimately achieve that goal of continuing to see results in the mirror forever!

and it all comes down to what we call the 3 C's to Success


But to unlock the clarity, certainty and confidence within you is simply not possible through an online process like TRINITY.

To unlock that potential we need to get up close and personal.

To train you intensely in person over more than one day...

And that is why we created UNSTOPPABLE
But let’s make this clear right now.

This is NOT for everyone

This not for people who aren’t willing to put in the hard work and get out of their comfort zone to take themselves to the next level.

This is not some self improvement seminar where we’ll entertain you and teach you a few basic principles which leave feeling warm and fuzzy… but ultimately achieve nothing

This experience is for women who are DETERMINED to unleash their full potential and become more!

So if this resonates with you… if you feel ready…

Then what I want you to do is simple:

Click on the button below
- Complete your application
- Place your deposit

And we’ll then arrange a phone interview with you to determine whether you’re a fit for Unstoppable.

- Rob Birkhead
(Co-founder, TRINITY)
Place your £200 deposit today to apply, then pay the remaining balance of £997 (or 3 x £299) if accepted.
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